Welcome 2023-2024 Board Of Directors

On June 20th, we held our annual meeting, during which we bid farewell to Dan Vaughn and Mike Shields, who had completed their maximum term of six years of service. We sincerely thank Dan and Mike for their dedicated contributions to our community. 
Additionally, we are pleased to welcome Scott Woodward and Tom Duncan to the board. Many of you are already familiar with both Scott and Tom.  Scott, also known as Woody, serves as our resident beer master for our festivals and beer tastings. Woody has also previously served as a board member and president. We are equally delighted to have Tom Duncan join us, who has been actively involved as the Building and Grounds Chairman since 2022. Their existing knowledge and experiences make them valuable additions to the board, and we eagerly anticipate their contributions to our future endeavors.
The 2023-2024 board has recently determined their assigned offices for the upcoming term.
President Jeff Vaccaro
Vice President Carol Knight
Secretary Jennifer Bishop
Treasurer Bob Nortman
Director Lisa Perkis
Director Scott Woodward
Director Tom Duncan
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