50th Beer & Brat Logo Contest

Get ready to unleash a whirlwind of creativity and excitement with our Logo Contest for the 50th Anniversary Beer & Brat Festival! This is your golden opportunity to stamp your creative flair on a festival that's been a community favorite for half a century. Picture your design emblazoned on our limited edition mugs, fashionable t-shirts, and maybe even a stylish hat. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a passionate festival-goer with a flair for creativity, we're calling on you to showcase your talent.


Entries must be successfully submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. ET, Friday, February 23, 2024.

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Our winner will receive 2 full wristbands to the festival, 2 commemorative mugs, and a event t-shirt.


A logo entered in the contest should represent Olivenhain Town Council’s 50th annual Beer & Brat festival and visually suggest a similar message.  The logo should be legible when scaled for various uses in both print and digital products.

The logo design entries must be designed as solid black on a white background. After a winning logo is selected, OTC reserves the right to add color later to the winning logo.

A logo entered in this competition must:

  • Include the following typographic elements: “Olivenhain”, “Beer & Brat”, 2024 and “50th”.
  • Be legible and effective when scaled for different executions, i.e., t-shirts, bugs, posters, promotional material, and social media.
  • Retain a sense of balance and internal integrity when typographical elements are removed.
  • Be reproducible in solid tones using one color (black). No tints, no blends, no gradations are allowed.
  • NOT INCLUDE COPYRIGHTED ARTWORK. This means no clip art. All elements must be the author creations.
  • We prefer an EPS and/or PNG files.  If the desired file formats are not delivered, OTC reserves the right to digitize the logo and omit any portions that cannot be scaled.
  • For a logo entry to be eligible, entrants are required to submit each logo as both an EPS file and a PNG file.
  • The PNG version of the logo must be identical to the EPS version in terms of content, design, dimensions, proportion, etc.
  • The EPS file format is required because it is a vector-based format that provides better reproduction, scalability, and other production considerations. The EPS version must have all type converted to outlines.