President's Letter July 2022

As my six years as a member of the OTC Board of Directors comes to an end, I will finish the same way I started - feeling honored to serve you and the OTC community. I am grateful for those who served alongside me and to all neighbors who have volunteered with us. The OTC would not be where it is today without your enthusiasm and dedication. During the last year, the OTC Board of Directors has worked hard to bring new and revitalized opportunities and events to connect the Olivenhain community. In 2021 we revamped beloved events, such as the Fourth of July Parade & Picnic and added new events such as the annual Homebrew Beer Tasting event. It's more than just enjoying events at the Meeting Hall property and seeing neighbors; it's about extending the sense of community, supporting one another, and adding value to our community however we can. The Board of Directors remains committed to a primary mission of the organization - to preserve and maintain the OTC’s historically significant Meeting Hall, Germania Hotel, Lickert Shanty and grounds. The OTC’s buildings and grounds have been around for so long it’s easy to take it all for granted. I encourage all to take time to remember how important the buildings and grounds are and how important it is that we as a community work together to preserve these priceless community assets for the benefit of future generations. I’m confident the OTC will continue to prosper and capably serve the community of Olivenhain under new guidance and new ideas from the talented Board members who volunteer countless hours of their time to make the OTC and our events a success. I'm excited to pass the reins to a group of talented, motivated, and capable volunteer leaders. I am also pleased to announce the election of two new individuals to the OTC’s Board of Directors starting in July 2022 – Jeff Vaccaro and Carol Knight. Both Jeff and Carol are long time Olivenhain residents, and we look forward to their involvement and help going forward. I have strived to make the OTC a better running organization with improved financial resources and opportunities. I could not have achieved those results without your ongoing help, the support of my fellow Board members and the many other fellow Olivenhain neighbors who have helped with countless events and activities over the years. This is a great time to deepen your engagement with the OTC - find an opportunity and get involved! There are plenty of events and activities throughout the rest of 2022. There are still challenges and opportunities ahead with more to be done. I hope that you continue to support the OTC, both financially and by participating in the planning and implementation of events to ensure continued success and so the OTC continues to be a vital resource for the community in the years to come. If you have a desire to become involved in any of the OTC’s activities or events, or to support financially, please feel free to contact any member of the Board of Directors. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you, and I look forward to seeing you at future OTC events. Best Regards, Mark Mayer Past President and Board Member of the Olivenhain Town Council
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